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DrugWars.io Review 2019

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DrugWars.io Review 2019
DrugWars.io Review 2019
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DrugWars.io Review 2019

DrugWars.io Review 2019

When I first saw this game I thought back to the old school game for the Ti- Graphing calculator, and then for Facebook that was called Mafia Wars Wars from Zanga.

While those games were based around resource management and time wasting, this new version is has the same resource management underlying, however it has the twist that you can earn Steem coins, and those equate to real-world income. Once you get Your empire set up you could be earning real world Steem coins daily.

DrugWars.io Review 2019 : How does it work?

In a nutshell, the setting is you are a drug Lord trying to build an empire. The more resources you can produce,  you can invest into “the daily bank heist “.  This then translate that into a daily Steem pay out.

DrugWars.io Review 2019 : Best Producing Unit.

After some searching and some math it looks like the “COCINA” would be the best unit to produce as every 14 to 15 days, (should you be invest hundred percent of your production into the heist), you would pay for the building.  So after day 15 you could be making potentially $0.10 a day.

Here is a screenshot of the building I recommend.

Example earnings from using the Browser

DrugWars.io Review 2019 : Setting it up.

First you need a Steemit account.
Go here and set it up: https://steemit.com

After you have your Steemit account set up, you will need to set up the game account.
Go to : https://drugwars.io/

It will ask you to link your Steemit account, (*Yes its Safe) Its all done by SteemConnect which all steemit programs connect threw. You will need is you private “active key” found under the permissions tab in your Steemit wallet.

After you connect the game, you can invest into building your empire and ramping up production to earn coins.

DrugWars.io Review 2019 : Conclusion.

If you’re like myself and you’re always looking for interesting ways to make your investments go further, then I highly recommend trying out this game. It has a very little time commitment, and then a good return on investment for any Steem you do put into it.