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Brave Browser Review 2019

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Brave Browser Review 2019
Brave Browser Review 2019
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Brave Browser Review 2019

Brave is perhaps one of the most unique browsers to join this particular market. In our Brave browser review 2019 Article will talk about why this open source, and free software is the best choice for browser in 2019.

The touch on some of the main highlights:

  • Has built-in privacy settings
  • Built-in ad blocking
  • Loads faster
  • Helps fight malware
  • and … You can earn money by using it!

Brave browser review 2019 : Understanding its model

When Brave put out this new browser it caused some controversy and buzz due to the business model it has. It’s default setting for blocking adds was received by many as a threat to those who create content. However it changes the way in which content creators can get paid. It also helps realize the elusive dream of being paid to use your browser. (* yes you can get paid just by browsing.)

Content creators and means of payment

It’s no surprise that people who create content get paid by ads they deliver on their site. However by default ads are blocked on the brave browser. How then are publishers supported?

The brave browser has a very interesting way of compensating content creators. Rewards are done through user donations. Yes if you use the brave browser and visit the site often, you can leave a tip or a monthly contribution to them in them. In addition registered publishers receive 55% of the replaced Add revenue. This is much higher than standard ad delivery networks.

How are tips and donations given ?

Brave has a built-in digital wallet for crypto currency for the coin BAT (Basic Attention Token). The built in BAT Wallet Allows users to leave the tips and contributions to the websites that they favorite and frequent. A user can also add money to his wallet and remove money from it.

How do brave browser users make money?

Most times people inundated with ads. Companies are making money off your attention. This is where brave browser does something different. The brave browser will pay you in BAT for every ad that is displayed. Currently it pays %15  per add displayed.  For example I’ve been using brave for a few days and earned $1.02 worth of BAT coin. Not bad for doing what I normally do and surf on the Internet.

Please take note, as of today at least 3/17/2019 you have to be using the brave browser developers version to see ads and start earning from it. I suspect on the next full release you will build to use the stable normal browser and get paid to view ads.

Example earnings from using the Browser

Brave browser review 2019 : Benefits Using Brave

This browser is perceived as many as the next chrome. It challenges and upsets the current market of what a browser should be.

The default ad blocker, will remove ads automatically unless you choose to allow them on.

By default brave will stop tracking and third-party cookies from tracking your online habits and websites you visit.

By default it blocks malicious software and ads as well from running in the background.

Due to all this inherent blocking and streamlining, your browsing experience is much faster.

And you get paid to browse if you want (*yes you could turn off all ad notifications from brave, however I have mine set to receive the maximum of five ads every hour).

Brave browser review 2019 : Summary

If you’re tired of having your data sold, if you’re tired of people tracking your whereabouts on the Internet, If you’re tired of people making money off of your eyes and you’re not making any from it.. Then the brave browser is for you.