12 minute summary of Business Books

12 minute summary of Business Books $99 lifetime access + Gifts to Give Out

We are all busy people.

No doubt you have a few books on your to-read list. (*I sure do). But with all the goings-on here, on HIVE… who has the time?

What if I said there was an easier way and you can do it in about 12 minutes a day?

Check it out.

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12 minute video summary's of Business Books

$99 Life Time Deal


  • 12 minute summary of the business
  • Summaries are presented in both video, audio, and text formats to fit any style of learner.
  •  Great for someone looking to sharpen their mind and expand knowledge.

It takes the best parts and leaves out the rest.

The people behind condescended down many top-notch businesses booked into digestible bit site tidbits of solid points.

They do a fantastic job at getting to the point of the book, in 12 minutes or less video ( some maybe 13 minutes). This makes for a learning session you can do while going for your morning walk or brewing the coffee.

The topics the books cover are:

  • Innovation / Trends
  • Human Capital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Sales

Each book has a written summary, as well as the option to listen to the summary or just watch the video. NICE!

Life Time Deal (LTD) for $99 + Gifts

I dislike monthly payments with a passion. So what great, for a limited time is this is a one-time payment of $99 USD, and then you have lifetime access to this AMAZING library of books, with new books being added each week.

Stuck home for another month? No Problem. Give the mind a work out like a champ!

Oh yea, The Gifts.

If you get the lifetime offer, you also get 10, count them 10, 1 year all access free subscriptions you can give out to your friends (*Or perhaps sell ?? IDK ??).

 Questions, Comments?

Leave them below and let talk!
Make the most of your time at home, lean and emerge stronger and better. 😀

Read it For (ME)

12 minute video summary's of Business Books

$99 Life Time Deal