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When my clients book using my square site and I get invites, the notification in the invite is set to none. So I don’t get a 10 min reminder via my calendar for the upcoming meeting. How do I fix this? I am not talking about the separate notifications via email/text. I am talking about the meeting reminders on the invite itself.

You’re referring to the 10 minute notification that shows up on your Google Calendar correct? If so, those reminders are actually under your Google Calendar settings. Check out these steps from Googles Support Center on how to change or turn those off.

If I misunderstood your questions, feel free to offer more details on what you’re looking to do and we can help you take a closer look.

I know how to manually turn off notifications on google calendar.
I am talking about following issue:

1. My client comes to my sqaure page to book an appointment with me

2. Sqaure create a google calendar meeting invite and sends to me and client

3. the meeting invite that square created, does not have a 10 min reminder notification. (how do I fix this? i.e the meeting invites that square creates, should have a reminder notification)

Thanks for that information, @deevee, sorry for this late reply.

I checked with the Appointments team and they confirmed that there isn’t a way to set notifications in Google Calendar from your Appointments Dashboard, so those should be determined by your Google Calendar settings.

It might help if you call our CS team just to make sure we’re on the same page about this and so we can investigate futher!