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It isn’t always easy to maintain a healthy diet or keep an eye on what you’re eating when on vacation. Especially in Salem since the city is home to so many delicious restaurants. So today on the blog I wanted to offer a few ideas to you, a few starting points if you’re on a diet. I hope this helps!

Please keep in mind I am not a nutritionist or dietitian. This info is current as of the publish date of this blog – the restaurants given may change their menus at any point. If you have your heart set on something, I’d suggest checking out the restaurant’s website or calling ahead.

Fountain Place

I am definitely a fan of breakfast from Fountain Place. A few healthier options to consider are an omelette with veggies (I love their omelettes!) or a serving of oatmeal with toast and/or fruit. I’ve had both and either will fill you up for a good while.

I love sushi from Koto. It’s a lower calorie food plus the fresh fish gives you a dose of minerals and fish oils that are good for you. I also really like Koto’s wonton soup!

Life Alive

This is a good option for healthy foods as well as vegan and vegetarian options. I’d suggest looking into their grain bowls, snacks and salads.

Mr. Crepe

The “super crepes” on Mr. Crepe’s menu have tons of good stuff inside…things like fresh spinach, chicken, feta and more. Selecting one of those (as opposed to the sweet ones) can be a good way to sneak in some veggies.

Salem Juice Barn

They are a recent-ish addition to the witch city…Salem Juice Barn offers tons of juice options, smoothies, cold-pressed juice, cleanses, handcrafted acai bowls, etc.

Sea Level Oyster Bar

If you want to enjoy some seafood since you’re right on the water, stopping into Sea Level for their seared fresh tuna, salmon or cod with veggies is a solid option.

Howling Wolf

With Howling Wolf (and most Mexican food in general!) you’re going to see tons of items with cheese, sour cream, etc. However they do have a salad on the menu that is made of romaine, avocado and corn & pinto salsa that looks like a good option.

Jodi Bee Bakes

Jodie Bee is a gluten free/vegetarian and vegan friendly/eco aware bakery in Salem and you can definitely find some good healthier picks here. I’d suggest checking out the chickpea salad sandwich!

General tips and info

These certainly aren’t all of the options in Salem, but I hope it helps give you some ideas. For a list of restaurants in Salem, click here. Enjoy!! <3