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So you’ve mastered buying Bitcoin but have no clue about how to buy other cryptocurrencies?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

The first step is to get yourself a good exchange that allows buying and selling of Bitcoin using fiat currency.  If you don’t have one, check out How to Buy Bitcoin.

The second step is to find a good exchange that allows you to buy cryptocurrency using Bitcoin.  This guide will go over how to buy cryptocurrency on KuCoin.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on KuCoin

Create An Account on KuCoin

First thing is to simply navigate to KuCoin and create an account.

Enter all of your information and click “next”, then activate your account by email following the onscreen prompts.

After you have been confirmed by your email and you are officially activated, log in.

Sign in with your email and password that you registered with.

Input your Google 2-step verification code from the application.

You will be at this “overview” section under the “Assets” section once you are logged in to your account.

Deposit Bitcoin into Kucoin

You’ll need to deposit your Bitcoin to be able to buy other cryptocurrencies.

Copy your deposit address into the exchange/wallet that the BTC is coming from.

Use the given QR code on the screen and scan this to read the deposit address.

The copied “BTC Deposit Address” is what you need to enter within your Bitcoin exchange as a “Recipient” ( you want to send it here). For example within Coinbase, this is where you would enter it.

This is what it looks like within CEX.IO.

Buy Cryptocurrency on KuCoin – Basic

Click on the “Markets” tab to open the basic exchange window.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on KuCoin - CryptosRUs

This small window will open. Click on “Buy.”

Buy Cryptocurrency on KuCoin – Advanced

Click on the coin name you want to buy to open the ADVANCED exchange window.

You will be redirected to this screen. Enter your 2-step verification again.

If you choose to go with the blue “Best Price,” KuCoin will buy at the best price possible.  But if you wanted to do a manual input, you can set the amount you want to buy at.

For transactions that are still open, they are listed under the “Active Orders.”

Once you are done buying a cryptocurrency, you can see quick totals within the “$ symbol” on the top right of the page.

To get a detailed overview of your assets, click the “detail” button.

This will take you back to the “Assets” page and display the total balance of all of the cryptocurrencies you own.

In Conclusion

And there you have it, you now know how to buy cryptocurrency on KuCoin.  It is very simple and once you get the concept of withdrawing and depositing Bitcoin, you can move your Bitcoin around any exchange and wallet like it was on the back of your hand.

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