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3commas Review 2019

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3commas Review 2019
3commas Review 2019
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3commas Review 2019

3commas Review 2019

  • Do you wish to make money from cryptocurrency trading?
  • Have you tried crypto day trading but get lost in all the order stacks?

If any of these are exciting to you then read this 3commas Review 2019 review. This software will help you maximize profits on a daily basis with very little intervention.

If you’ve been watching the market at all you know that it is highly volatile. But this is great for the savvy Day trader who can make profits when the market goes up or down. However keeping track of this by hand is difficult. This is where 3commas Excels!

3commas Review 2019 – Where most traders fail.

Generally speaking, the experienced traders and new traders alike do not realize potential profits when trading cryptocurrencies for a few reasons.

  • Monitoring various exchanges and different coins
  • Not easy to use stop loss or profit taking features in the UI
  • Notifications do not arrive in real time

There are other issues but these are predominant ones that hold people back.

3commas Review 2019 – What is it?

In short it is a¬†cryptocurrency Trading bought which greatly assists and helps the trading abilities and quality of the trader. Providing features which helps maximize cryptocurrency profits. It is “smart tradeing”

To explore this more.

With the SmartTrading Tool within 3commas you have access to some extraordinary features.

  • You can trade on all the major platforms.
  • Easily set a buy order and sell order on the same coin (*this is huge and frees up so much time)
  • Add trailing mechanisms so you could buy deeper on the dip and sell higher on the peak.
  • Notifications delivered to your phone or inbox on sales or alerts.
  • You could also add notes to keep track of orders
  • And so much more

These alone are well worth diving in to this application but there’s more.

3commas Review 2019 – BOTS!

If ever there was an automated solution to trading coins this is it.

a Bot is an algorithm that runs in the background. You set what conditions you wish it to respond to. For example, if there is a strong buy momentum at five minutes, and at one minute Time intervals, you can set about to automatically create a trade order for a specific amount, and then set a profit percent you wish to get from.

The bot will automatically create the but point, in the sell point for you. This is amazing!

On top of this, you can add a trailing feature. The trailing feature means that your buy or sell point will rise and fall with the market.

Example, let’s say you buy a coin for 1$, you wish to sell it for $1.10, what if you put your sell order $1.10 and the market goes up to $2 before correcting? You will just lost a dollar in potential profit. With trailing, you can still place your 10% target profit gain, but at a trailing feature. Let’s say you add a 1% trailing call. Your sell order will trail behind the market by 1% helping maximize your profit!

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